Lighter Lunch Menu

Served 12 – 5pm   Monday – Saturday

Honey Baked Ham, fried egg, chips and salad.  GF £6.95/ £9.95

Steak Sandwich, fried onions and mushrooms, mustard mayo, salad and chips. £8.95

Honey Baked Ham Sandwich, chutney, salad and chips. £7.95

Fish Goujon Sandwich, tartare sauce, salad and chips. £8.95

Warmed Brie & Red Pepper Chutney Sandwich, salad and chips.  V £7.50

6oz Rump Steak, salad and chips. £9.95

Mac’n’Cheese, with warmed bread and salad. £8.95 V Topped with Crab £10.95

Warm Salad of Charred Vegetables, new potatoes, smoked salmon. £7.95/ £11.95

Wensleydale Blue & Candied Walnut Salad £7.50/ £10.95


Sandwiches served on Granary or White Sliced Bloomer.